A Genuine Overview of Dollar Photo Club

Dollar Photo Club can be a new members’ only stock photo site which

provides usage of over 25 million excellent photos and vectors only for one

dollar per piece, with thousands of new photos added almost every week. That’s

not every. Their images include a royalty-free license, to ensure that users can pay

one one-time fee no matter how they would like to utilize it. Section of Fotolia stock photo agency, Dollar Photo Club has gained

popularity these days because of its infinite variety of images in addition to

the cost at which they are to be had.

Launched in the united states market in January

2014, Dollar Photo Club has now

ended up being the multi-million dollar business by providing millions good quality

images only for just one dollar each. Unlike a great many other major providers from the

industry, which force their customers to buy hard-to-understand credits in

to access their galleries, Dollar Photo Club is cheap and straightforward.

The ins and outs

You need to first obtain a membership. It is very important note that Dollar Photo Club

membership is limited and requires the state

application the team will conduct. This signup process has been

seen by some people as cumbersome and something that may discourage potential users.

However, the organization has defended the move saying it targets specifically delivering

quality intend to their stock photo users. When you join,

you will find there’s team which will research your application. And then, wholesome

usage of over 25 million excellent photos at $1 each.

The way to Download your Photo

The company features photos in popular categories like people,

sports, leisure, architecture, landscapes, transportation, just for example. These

images is available in 3 simple steps. First, look for a photo that you need

to download by entering a phrase within their search engine at the very top right with their

page. Once you find a picture that you just

have an interest in, visit it and you’ll get redirected to another page. Click

around the download box button. For only 1 dollar a bit, users can download as

many images what ever they want and keep them forever.

The Membership Plan

Members have take into account a regular monthly membership plus an

annual membership. A regular monthly membership will

cost you $10 and the annual membership can cost you $99. Each

membership includes a certain variety of photos included that customer can

download. A regular monthly membership is payable

monthly while offering a minimum of 10 photos a month. A membership provides you with usage of a library

with 99 downloads annually. All additional photos cost only

$1.00 per photo. All photos feature royalty free licenses, unlimited photo

uses in addition to unlimited print runs.

Suppose I Cancel my Membership?

If you wish to cancel your

membership, you can easily sign in to your account and proceed. When you cancel

your membership, your account is going to be terminated and then for any future application will

must be reviewed once again by their team for authentication. Reapplication after

cancelation won’t guarantee automatic approval or membership. Your acceptance

depends on your own present application in addition to membership availability.

Nonetheless, if you discontinue your account

prior to deciding to download your photos, your account is going to be put in a restricted status

to help you download your entire photos.

Can they Offer Quality Images?

A straightforward solution to this

question is, yes. They provide high quality photos which you can use for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Their images works extremely well on magazines, books, marketing, brochures, illustrations,

documents, booklets, websites, and billboards. They are devised to are perfect for

probably the most imaginative and passionate stock image users or advertising companies.

Their prices cut through every intricate pricing model with one particular offer – some money per image. Where

else can you discover a company offering highly quality images just $1 per


Their Customer Support

A person could be the lifeblood of

any business and Dollar Photo Club by Fotolia understands this rather effectively. In fact, this

is the thing that makes its parent company what it is today. Their customer service is fantastic. They are going to

answer any question you will likely have in a timely and

professional manner.

Additionally they offer cash back guarantee although it’s only briefly described on their

website without any in-depth details found elsewhere. It is said that just in case if

you might be discontent inside initial month and services information, you’ll be able to contact them

and request reimbursement.

Copyright Ownership and Rights

While Dollar Photo Club could be the only photo company that hands

control towards the customers, their license doesn’t allow users to either resell or

transfer rights to any individual or company. Nonetheless, an

agency can find the photo around the customer’s behalf along with a client are able to use it concentrating on the same

rights just as one agency. Should the agency wish to pass the photo to another

client, then they shall be required to choose the image again at their store or request the customer to buy permission with an image

he is considering.

Safety and Reputation

We are living within an era where fraudsters use every trick to steal

from unsuspecting people. Dollar Photo Club has given security a serious

consideration. Thus far, there isn’t any complaints regarding safety. This should

supply you with the confidence within their chance to protect your cash. From your

contributor viewpoint, there is an overwhelming volume of positivity which mainly

comes from the truth that the organization can be a sub-company of Fotolia, one of several

world’s hottest stock photo agencies which hold a healthy standing primarily

among independent photographers.


Dollar Photo Club has had a number of positive reviews online.

It’s because the truth that their customer service is fantastic in addition to their membership

policies are affordable. A lot of those who’ve registered using them say they

are content with their services plus they would recommend them to their

friends. The truth that StockPhotoSecrets.com has

written numerous reviews that are positive about Dollar Photo Club shows that the

company is trustworthy and is in demand by clients.